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Development of a complete point-of-sale including iOS mobile application for the used interface on the shelves of shops and cash desks.

Who's the client?

BaseCamp Franchising is an American company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company runs a franchise in the field of retail. They have more than 200 franchisees around the world. Their concept exploits the advantages of the circular economy in the field of children's articles.

What are their needs?

BaseCamp franchising is always looking for ways to provide these franchisees with solutions to optimize their internal management. The company needed a POS that could, in addition to integrating the functionality of a conventional POS, automatically manage all the business rules they had developed over the years. A solution that would standardize and maximize the operations of all their franchisees.

  • Create a customized point of sale
  • Create store interfaces via IOS application
  • Centralize all data and align the business processes of each franchise
  • Admin portal for complete management of each store

Proposed solutions

In order to develop a personalized solution of quality that meets all of their needs, we have proposed the following solutions:


Design UX/UI

Custom software




After accompanying our customer over two years of intensive development, alpha and beta deployment phase, BaseCamp franchising will begin deployment across these franchisees in Q1 2019.


In the future, the client is looking for improvements in inventory management by facilitating fluidity and relocation of inventory between franchisees. Optimizations of the costs of purchases and operations.