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Our Services

We are a software development firm specialized in the automation of business processes. We develop custom multi-platform applications using web, mobile and cloud technologies.

Our team has over 10 years of experience in various fields such as finance, legal, medical, science and multimedia. We have professionals that can cover all the important roles in a software development project.

Engagement Types

We mainly work with an Agile approach where the price of a project can be variable (with limitations) with evolving requirements. This approach produces the best results in terms of customer satisfaction.

We can also work with Fixed-price engagement often refered to as a waterfall approach where there is limited uncertainty, a fixed scope and limited flexibility in terms of features.

Types of Projects

We usually takes on the complete development of a project. But, in some cases, the project is already started and our intervention is only required to code certain modules or extensions to an existing software. We are very comfortable in doing so.

Because the technology is evolving so rapidly, some of the legacy software need to be rewritten. We can help you with that as well.


Technologies We’ve Mastered

Web Technologies

  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Java EE / Spring
  • SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • HTML5, Javascript, AngularJS, CSS3

Cloud Technologies

  • Microsoft IIS Server
  • Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Apache / Tomcat Server
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Node.JS
  • Amazon Cloud Services

Mobile Technologies

  • Apple iOS and TvOS
  • Android
  • Cross-platform frameworks
  • Windows Mobile

Recent Work


From Spreadsheet To Software

Are you still working with a spreadsheet? We can take your actual business process that runs on a spreadsheet and design software that will allow you to be more productive and work in real-time with your team.

Inventory Talking To Accounting

Most software is not designed to communicate with other software. Data exchange is often incompatible. We can create a custom software bridge that acts as an adapter to exchange data between different softwares.

Real-Time Team Communications

Getting real-time information to and from your team is a crucial advantage. With our mobile solutions, we can create apps that will get the right information at the right time to your team and getting it back just as fast.

Our Major Partners

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We Think Ahead

We build applications that allow you to grow your business today and to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

We Solve Problems

We have never faced a software problem that we could not solve. We welcome all software challenges.

We Deliver

We are committed to delivering high-quality applications that use the latest and most innovative technologies, while respecting budgets and delays.

We Innovate

We invest in research and development to innovate, anticipate and meet the future needs of our clients.

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